Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy little Clowns......

Chocolate Cake with Butter-cream Icing!
Butter-cream icing

1 cup                     -     Vegetable shortening
1 lb                        -     Pure cane sugar(powdered sugar)
1 tsp                     -     Any Extract( There are lots of flavors like, Almond, Vanilla, Butter etc)
2tbsp                     -     Water or Milk [If using Milk you need to refrigerate the icing]
coco powder        -     1/3 cup

Blend all the above ingredients using a hand mixer till creamy and your frosting is ready to go on the cake.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Tea time snack made from Rice flour...Goes well with tea and even Rasam and Rice!!


Rice Flour - 1Cup
Urad dal Flour - 1/4Cup
Roasted gram dal - 1/2cup
Ajwain Seeds - 1/2tsp
Seasmae Seeds - 1tsp
Butter - 2tsp
salt, chilli powder


Grind the roasted gram dal to fine powder without adding water.
Mix together rice flour, gram flour, urad dal flour, Ajwain and Seasmae seeds, salt, chilli powder and Butter.
Add water and knead the dough smoothly. Keep the oil at medium high heat, use Murukku Kulai, and let the flour slip through the opening, and deep fry in the oil.