Thursday, January 7, 2010

Colors of the Kitchen-Beetroot Biryani

I remember how I used to hate beetroots, when my mom adds to the vegetable biryani! Every kid would love to eat biryani just with potatoes. For me, that was way back..but now I am craving for nice vegetables, and this goes to my hungry stomach!
Happened to add more beetroot in the veggie biryani I made, and it turned out to be...very colorful, and I loved it!
When I made it the next time, I simplified the recipe..
  • Beetroot 1/2 medium sized
  • Carrot 1 medium sized
  • Green peas 1/2 cup
  • Basmati Rice 1 1/2 cup
  • Black Jeera (Shahi Jeera) 1 tsp
  • Cardamon 1
  • Cinnamon 1 small stick
  • Clove  2
  • Bay-leaf 1
  • Yogurt 2tbsp
  • Coriander Powder 1tbsp
  • Red Chili Powder 1tsp
  • Mint 6-8 leaves
  • Coriander 1 stalk
  • Water 3 cups
  • Salt to taste
Wash the basmati rice and soak in 3 cups water for 10-15 minutes. Cut the Beetroots and carrots in to tiny bits(about 1/4 inch bites).

Take a pan, heat oil, splutter cumin seeds, cloves, cardamon, cinnamon and Bay Leaf, and add green chili and onion and fry till translucent.

Add ginger garlic paste and fry till the raw smell goes away and then add the vegetables along with mint, coriander, coriander powder and red chili.Give it a toss, and mix up everything well and fry for about 2 minutes.

Add salt and Switch Off, and now add the curd and give it a toss. Add the rice along with the  water, mix and check the salt. Pressure cook for 2 whistles or do it in a rice cooker.

P.S. Mixed few white rice just for the photograph!